Book 2 - Winter Revenge

Book 2 - Winter Revenge Coming Soon


Book 2 - Winter Revenge

Cesar Quevedo is planning his revenge for what he sees as the unprovoked attacks on him by the people in Hout Bay and the arrival of winter with its cold wet days will provide the perfect camouflage for him.

Discovery that a large sum of money is missing results in a request to Colombia to help hunt down who took it, resulting in the despatch to Cape Town of two psychopathic killers who specialize in their own unique methods of recovery.

In Book 1, two family members of the Lightfoot family were severely injured in a motor vehicle accident, deliberately caused by Cesar Quevedo and Dimitri Alfieri. Cesar Quevedo was subsequently given a lesson in pain for his role in that and now plans are being laid for Dimitri Alfieri to suffer similarly for his participation.

It has become a world where unfortunately, actions speak louder than words, which in turn leads to a steady escalation in what will become a war of attrition.

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