When the Sun Blinked

On the morning of October 08 2015, Alpha Intercontinental Flight AHA 113 was approaching Cape Town International Airport at 09:15 in the morning. It had originally departed New York the previous night on schedule. From New York it travelled to Dubai and after its regular stop for refueling and fresh catering etc, it departed Dubai and fourteen hours later, approaching Cape Town and due to touchdown in the next ten minutes, simply vanished from both visual sight and radar. It was not the only disappearance of aircraft in the surrounding space.

But, it is the one I know about.

Flight AHA 113 was never seen or heard from again, despite extensive rescue efforts mounted. No wreckage was ever found, no traces of luggage were ever seen. It was as if Flight AHA 113 had simply never existed.
But … Flight AHA 113 had existed. It did in fact crash into the sea, close enough to land that while 237 passengers perished either as a result of the crash itself or trying to make it to shore, 28 survivors eventually made it to safety. 

This is their story...

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