Book 1 - Seeds of Revenge

Book 1 - Seeds of Revenge Coming Soon


Book 1 - Seeds of Revenge

Hout Bay and Camps Bay, two suburbs along the beautiful Atlantic seaboard next to Cape Town, South Africa, become the setting of 3 childhood friends, now adults who, relocating from America thanks a dual American and South African heritage, establish their long cherished dream business in Hout Bay, a short distance away from Camps Bay.

With ready cash from early investments in Bitcoin they pay for their business, their cars, houses and lifestyle up front, in full, using their profits. This in turn unwittingly attracts the attention of a family kicked out of Colombia by authorities cleaning up the drug trade. They re-establish themselves in Camps Bay, taking aim at the growing heroin trade in the Western Cape.

The Colombians believe the Hout Bay business is a front for drugs and therefore competition and an initial low-scale approach to establish their version of the truth escalates when abalone poaching is thrown into the mix.

Sucked into something totally at odds with their world, the Hout Bay dream is threatened by the Camps Bay drug and abalone world.

Because the Colombians have their own dream – a world of drugs, violence and now abalone poaching. They don’t care who gets hurt or what it involves to grow their empire. After all, they’ve been doing it for a long time and no-one is going to stop them.

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